This blog was my go-to venting place before the wedding, but now that the craziness is over, I haven't posted as much. Guess I don't need to vent quite so much stress any more. But I will try to include my thoughts about married life and our new journey together. Really. OK, Remember, I said "Try."

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Monday, March 12, 2012


The plumbing went out in our ENTIRE house.
We had our front yard dug up and the main drainage line replaced.
We stayed at a 1-star motel in the MIDDLE of nowhere.
We went all the way out to Hemet to attend a regional Rabbit Show.
We bought a Pedigreed Bunny.
My dad had an attic ladder installed at his house. 
We celebrated my birthday in Pasadena for about nine hours.
I tried to work on stuff for Finals.
We fixed up stuff in my dad's back yard.
We went to a 60's costume party to celebrate M.Demille's birthday at the Cicada club.
So . . .
it's no wonder I'm sick!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

There are just some things that men will never understand . . .

There are just some things that men will never understand.

On impulse, my loving husband bought tickets to the opening night of a fun show, complete with after-party champagne gala and the chance to win a small diamond.   Fantastic idea!  And a great reason to dress up and make a night of it.  

Of course, I'm working late and suddenly realize that I had really better get myself ready for this shindig.  I work from home, so at least I'm already home.  But that seems to be the only thing in my favor.

Fortunately, I had laid out a dress the day before.  To my horror it dawns on me that this little black dress and the very warm weather both necessitate the wearing of open toed shoes.   I look down at my bare feet.  The last pedicure I had been to was a hazy memory, and my feet looked liked the victims of some sort of unfortunate bleeding leprosy.   I made a beeline for the bathroom to see what kind of damage control I could do.  

At the aforementioned pedicure, I had chosen to have my toe nails painted a fun, and very highly pigmented, black cherry color.   In several coats.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Now my toe nails looked like they had flesh colored potholes.   I daubed at them with polish remover and realized that this stuff was not going to go away without a fight.   

It was then that I turned to math as my friend.  If my nails were more than 50% painted, I would attempt to fill in with polish.  If they were LESS that 50% painted, I would try to pry the stuff off.    

I realized that my big toes were completely polished and that I stood little chance of getting all that pigment off in one day.    I decided to leave the big toes polished, and attempt to de-polish the other ones - Maybe it would look like a trendy fashion statement.  At the very least, it would look intentional, and my toes wouldn't look like they were being eaten by a cherry red monster.   And it was my only chance if I was to be ready on time.  

I went to work.  But it seemed that all I was doing was transferring a dark cherry red onto my fingers.   Soon I looked like I had dipped my fingers in hot oil.  Not good.   This was going to take a lot of nail polish remover.  And this is the same stuff about which my husband likes to say:  "Doesn't that stuff eat your liver, like, while you watch??"  

Still, I had no recourse, my fingers and my toes now BOTH looked like they were small bleeding appendages.  I kept to the task.  At which point, because I had spent so much time contorting myself to get this job done, I had the startling revelation that my knees were hairy!   Yes.

Now, it was summer, so I had been pretty good, generally, about removing hair from my legs.   But apparently I hadn't really paid close attention to my knees.   How does hair even grow there? I mean, it's pretty much just skin over bone. I have no idea.  I grabbed the epilating tool and started to fix this problem.   The clock was ticking.

If you do not know, let me inform you that and epilator is a wonderful invention that basically grabs hair and yanks it out of your body.  Unapologetically.   As I can't shave without covering my body with scars and looking like Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, I have had to resort to the joys of epilation.   And by that I mean a million tiny tweezers searching for hairs and ripping them from the comfort and safety of their little follicle homes.  Fun stuff.

Fortunately for me, I was so high from the fumes of the gallons of nail polish remover that I had used,  that, well, let's just say that I was feeling no pain.  A few dabs with a styptic pencil (yes, there is blood involved) and I was as good as new.   And a little loopy.  All I needed to do was throw on the dress, find a pair of sandals, earrings and a wrap, and I was good to go.  

Oh, DAMN! There was no way that my brown mini-bag purse was going to go with this black on black outfit.  I ran to the garage to find a black evening bag and ran back to throw just the essentials into it.   Cell phone, ID, Credit Card, Lipstick.  Check, Check, Check and Check. One minute left to go.  

At which point, my husband wanders out of his office, and grabs a clean shirt.  He changes shirts while walking to the bathroom.   "Oh, darn," he says while looking in the bathroom mirror, "I should have shaved.  Oh well, guess I'll just go for the rugged look.  Are you ready?"


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

we needed more room . . .

and stronger air-conditioning.  so we went to coffee bean.  together.  
is there such a thing as too much togetherness???

Summer Vacay

Sam is on summer break.  (If you don't know, he is a High School Math, and now Choir, teacher).  That means he is home.  We live in a small house.  Only one room has air conditioning.  I work from home.  This makes for some pretty interesting dynamics. . . 

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I just realized that I still have to do my taxes!!!

. . . what next?

We survived the craziest week ever!  I had to finish an incredibly long and hard paper, and Sam had to work on his certification portfolio, while also rehearsing Zombie Prom and we BOTH were rehearsing for ELAC's theatre dedication gala event.   Meanwhile, I had a birthday that I had to partially ignore so that I could finish my class work and rehearse, and then finally celebrate (until 3 am) when everything was over!  Whew.   In the meantime, wind is threatening to knock over our house.   But it's Sunday afternoon and I think we're going to survive. . .

Monday, February 28, 2011


In lieu of pithy statements about married life, or deep thoughts about  . . . well, anything, I will make due with an up-date.  Sam is more than half done with his Master's program.  I will be starting Fuller's PhD program in fall.  Sam is busy music directing Zombie Prom.  We're both rehearsing for a little review-type show.  And I run around trying to take care of us and my dad, along with working.   And we have a rabbit who likes to plonk the loose wire of his rabbit cage for hours on end. . . 

Look! A Post!

I had originally intended to use this space to blog about the new journey of being married . . . and so on.   But life got a little crazy.  Right now I just need to see if the site still works.  Back soon, I hope.  

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why its not easy being

Why its not easy being a girl. . . My packing list: 37 Items. Sam's packing list: 14 items . . .

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Posting . . . after a long hiatus . . .

I just realized that there hasn't been ANYTHING on the blog.  We had a bit of a crazy year, but I wanted to make sure the blog still was up and running, and once it is, I can post pictures and other fun stuff.  See you soon! (I hope!)